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Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Installation, Retrofit & Maintenance

Commercial Electrical Installation, Retrofit & MaintenanceOur staff of full-time electricians and electrical project managers support our steamfitters and plumbers on retrofits, unit replacements and fit-outs of tenant suites, laboratories, computer rooms, dormitories and other facility renovations.


Many of these electrical systems services projects include the implementation of energy conservation projects like installation of high "E" motors and VFD's, re-lamping and Building Automation Systems, working closely with our Energy Services Group.


Electrical ervices and equipment installations routinely performed:

  • Code compliance & certifications
  • Electrical system design & consulting
  • Electrical installations, retrofit, & new construction
  • High voltage service & substations
  • Underground distribution systems
  • Power generation systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Parking lot & exterior lighting
  • Building Automation Systems & Direct Digital Control Systems