Two people working in a pharmaceutical laboratoryEMCOR Services Fluidics is uniquely qualified to meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise in custom process piping fabrication and installation, as well as our knowledge of facilities services and mechanical construction in pharmaceutical spaces, led us to form a team of professionals dedicated to serving this competitive and highly-regulated industry.

Professionally Delivered Solutions

Our major pharmaceutical customers have placed Fluidics on their preferred list of contractors. The reason is simple: they appreciate our professionalism and our ability to complete their projects on time and within budget. Additionally, our prefabrication ability allows us to solve complex process piping challenges for our customers with constructability in mind.

Our services include:

  • Pharmaceutical design and construction
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction
  • Biotech construction
  • Critical environments design and construction
  • Critical environments for animal labs and vivarium
  • Special environmental service for good manufacturing practice labs
  • Orbital welding for stainless steel
  • Fusion welding techniques for polypropylene process piping systems
  • Specialty gases process piping systems for laboratories

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