BPG Management Company, L.P.

We helped our customer upgrade their existing mechanical systems, saving them money and greatly reducing their energy consumption.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Fluidics used building monitoring technology to improve facility productivity and comfort, resulting in energy cost reductions for our customer.

Client Objectives

BGP needed energy conservation solutions and facilities services to improve energy efficiency in a 10-year-old, all-electric, multi-tenant office building covering 99,742 square feet.


For this project we:

  • Adjusted building energy management system schedules and set points
  • Modified maintenance schedules on high-energy-consuming equipment
  • Improved piping system on a large make-up air unit
  • Conducted a detailed energy audit using building assessment monitoring system (BAMS) and determined the facility was over-ventilated and under-controlled
  • Used BAMS insights to devise a strategy that would greatly reduce operating costs and energy consumption, which included: 
    • Upgrading building controls
    • Installing variable frequency drives on cooling tower and fan motors
    • Installing CO2 sensors
  • Saved our customer over $100,000 in energy costs in the first six months of upgrades to their mechanical systems

Client Background

BPG Management Company, L.P., is a property management company based in the Philadelphia area with a portfolio of 54 buildings, covering six million square feet of space in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.