Philadelphia, PA

Two Liberty Place

When our customer needed a restacking solution to convert their single-tenant, 57-story office building into a multi-tenant facility, they turned to us for help.

Value Delivered

Fluidics helped coordinate and execute this successful restacking project which included moving in several new tenants, creating systems and procedures for operating a multi-tenant building, and commencing the rebuilt installation of new building automation systems, all while bringing down the overall operating costs of the building.

Client Objectives

CBRE needed to restack a 57-story, 1,257,000-square-foot, Class A office building which had been the home of a single tenant. Two-thirds of the tenancy was leaving the building, so the remaining occupants needed to be relocated to the bottom 14 floors. The top 20 floors of the building were to be converted to residential condominiums with the remaining 18 middle floors being leased to new office users.


For this project we:

  • Upgraded or replaced existing building automation systems, converting them from single-user to multi-tenant controls
  • Assessed manpower requirements and created a staffing plan for the new building usage
  • Interviewed each on-site mechanic to determine their qualifications to match the staffing plan and handled dismissals and new hires as required
  • Assisted with the conversion of the energy management system, fire alarm system, and telephones
  • Kept mechanical, building automation system, electrical, and plumbing systems maintained and operating in a reliable, productive, and cost-efficient manner

Client Background

CBRE Group, Inc. is an American commercial real estate services and investment firm, and is the largest such company in the world.